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Why Should You Hire A Doula?

Birth is the most intimate and exciting event in a families life. It can also carry other emotions, such as fear, anxiety and tension. Birth can be trying and challenging. As your birth doula, I will bring reassurance, comfort and knowledge into your life changing moment allowing for your partner and family to exercise the unconditional love that a laboring mom needs the most. I will reassure and guide both the mother and her support team through the natural challenges her birth may present to them. It is often overlooked that your partner and your family are having a baby too! I will create a comfortable environment. I draw upon my knowledge and training in childbirth and the experience I have gained through working with hundreds of expectant families.  I will encourage the laboring mom to remain calm, confident, and empowered.

Does it matter who provides continuous support in labor? The most recent systematic review looked closely at how effects of labor support varied by type of person providing labor support, and offers new knowledge (Hodnett and colleagues 2011).Effects were strongest when the person was neither a member of the hospital staff nor a person in the woman’s social network, and was present solely to provide one-to-one supportive care. Compared with women who had no continuous support, women with companions (such as a doula) who were neither on the hospital staff not in the woman’s social network were:



28% less likely to have a cesarean section
31% less likely to use synthetic oxytocin to speed up labor
9% less likely to use any pain medication
34% less like to rate their childbirth experience negatively.

Support provided by a person that the woman selected from her social network (for example, her partner, husband, other family member, or friend) increased her satisfaction, but did not seem to impact her use of obstetric interventions. Support provided by a member of the hospital staff (such as a nurse) did not seem to impact a woman’s likelihood of having a cesarean or her satisfaction. The authors note that hospital employees may have divided loyalties and other duties, and may be influenced by hospital policies, which could limit the impact of their supportive care.

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