Labor Preparation with Childbirth Classes

Hello expecting parents of South Florida!


I would like to introduce a specific style of Childbirth Preparation Classes.  These classes are derived from the ideas and guiding principles of Pam England’s Birthing From Within book. We, human kind, spend so much time on preparing for different areas of our lives, buying a car, getting married, preparing for a test, an interview, ect.  As a birth doula, I have witnessed many births where the family is NOT prepared for CHILDBIRTH, the utmost life changing moment of their lives. For strenuous hours of labor. For challenging decisions. For the stamina and endurance it takes both physically and mentally. For the discomforts.  For plan B. or Plan C. For the induction. For the cesarean. The meconium stained water. Week 41 or 42. Premature labor.  The anticipation. The unknown. The recovery. The new life. The fear. The tears. The anger, or even for the joy.

Throughout the last 6 years, I have supported women and their partners through this journey and I have learned, you must be prepared. Mentally and Physically. We have created a unique version of the Birthing From Within Childbirth Classes. These classes take time, and investment, and commitment from the parents. They do make a difference.

In a safe group setting you will lead, learn, share, and prepare for the birth of your new baby… Our mentoring style includes art, expression, guided meditation/imagery, evidence based research about birth in the modern world, communication best practices with your healthcare provider, journaling, letting go, fear facing activities, LOVE, hands on activities, videos, story telling, and most importantly, acceptance for whatever is to come. I teach this series with Ifat Kent, prenatal yoga teacher, and Birthing from Within mentor and doula, she adds even more pizazz with some stretching, breathing, yoga and even some belly dancing exercises 🙂

For our most current classes please visit:

Cooper City , Sundays 1030AM to 1 PM

Magnolia Birth House , North Miami , Tuesdays 7PM to 930PM

For more information please call 863 838 3535 or email us at or

Congratulations on extending your family. I hope your journey is sweet, memorable, and empowering.





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