Doula Services

My Services Include:

A complimentary meeting where you can ask me questions and get to know me; this will let you decide if I am the right Doula for you and your family.
* 1-2 prenatal visits (on average) in the comfort of your home to get acquainted and to learn about prior birth experiences and the history of this pregnancy as well; discuss your preferences and/or create a birth plan,  practice comfort measures (teaching birth partner ways they can help), introduce various methods used for relaxation and comfort (such as breathing skills, massage, position changes, movement, using a rebozo and much more… ) and of course to answer more questions!
* If desired, I will also accompany you to one of your prenatal visits with your doctor or midwife (scheduled as a prenatal visit), to meet them and answer any questions they may have.
* Access to me 24/7 by phone/email throughout your pregnancy and up to 4 weeks postpartum period.
* When you go into labor, or wonder if you might be in labor, I will help you to determine prelabor from true labor and early labor from active labor.
* Once you determine it is time for me to accompany you, I will provide continuous support through the remaining labor, birth, and immediate postpartum period.

* I will encourage you to get adequate rest, nutrition and fluids in early labor. I will assist you in using a variety of positions that are conducive to effective laboring; constantly focusing on the comfort of both you and your spouse/partner. I will make sure your environment is one in which you feel comfortable and safe. I will keep fluids constantly available; keep track of contraction frequency and duration; remind you to go to the bathroom consistently throughout. I will call your birth place (your midwife if a home birth) once the decision has been made to go, letting them know how your labor has been so far and that you are on your way; and assist in the move from home to hospital.
* At your birth place I work cooperatively with the hospital staff/midwife in getting you settled and completing the initial paperwork and procedures.
* As you approach transition and the second stage of labor (pushing) I will coach you through breathing and position changes… I will  encourage you to listen to your body in pushing your baby out the way that works best for you.
* Amateur Photography is available during labor, birth, and after to capture your experience if desired.
* Support through unexpected outcomes(i.e. c-section, epidural, IFM…) providing understanding of what may be occurring.
* Breastfeeding support immediately following birth and guidance in the first days (to assist with proper latch, encouragement, answer questions)
* A visit postpartum to review birth and answer any new questions and to check on how everyone is adapting.