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I would like to introduce yoga teacher,  Ifat Kent. Ifat  teaches prenatal yoga in Cooper City at her home studio, The Yoga Nest. Her current schedule contains both evening and morning classes. Ifat is also a doula and we teach childbirth classes together. I have the privilege of establishing my own yoga practices in her amazing presence and with the help of her trusted guidance, this journey has been life changing. I also have doula clients of my own that attend her prenatal yoga classes and speak very highly of their experience in class.  The most common feedback is that her classes are fun and empowering. She has a special ability to help you feel calm, relaxed and she encourages you challenge yourself in a safe space. I asked Ifat a few questions regarding her prenatal yoga, here is what she has to say:

Q: When is the best time to start prenatal yoga?

A: Prenatal yoga is safe to start at anytime. Most women feel comfortable announcing their pregnancy in a group setting around 12 weeks. Most of my students join at this time, however, it is never too late to join, even a few classes at the end of your pregnancy  can be super beneficial to help you in your journey.

Q: Is it safe to do prenatal yoga for someone with no yoga experience?

A: Absolutely. You do not need previous experience with yoga, all you need is to listen to your body and use your breath. Almost every pose can be modified to fit every body and every level of fitness and flexibility. The poses that cannot be modified do not have to be done. I always give my students a variety of options.

Q: What do new students need to bring to class?

A: A yoga mat and a bottle of water. I let my students borrow or purchase one.  (I have them for sale at the studio for $15)

Q: What if a student has pre-existing injuries?

A: The beauty of yoga is in the fact that it fits everybody. The secret is to know our limitation and work with them. We can modify to fit our body and still get an amazing exercise and innercise (because yoga really is inner work more than anything else). You really get the benefit of connection to yourself and your baby through this wonderful practice, which in turn, helps you have a better birth experience.

Q: How much are your classes? Do you have packages?

A: First Class is $10. After that, students can pay $15 per class or buy a package of 5 classes for $60.

I also offer private sessions for $75 (a session is about 90 minutes)

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