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Sweet London is the second DeAngelis baby The South Florida Birth Doula had the privilege of supporting.

Hello… South Florida!

As I am sure you have already read somewhere, my name is Dawna. The doula that is always changing her hair.

My goal as your doula and childbirth educator is to strengthen your support team, as a whole. There is fear about birth for most women. This fact is not limited to first time moms. Women are scared to talk about fear, admit fear, and feel fear. I want to help you face your fears. I will provide you with trust. You will know you are powerful, capable, and not alone. You as a family, you as a team. I do not take the place of nor exclude anyone that is traveling your birth journey with you. I encourage partners to embrace the experience, to shed emotion, to be nervous and scared, in other words, to just Be Present!


I do come with great experience and a couple hundred birth stories to share. I am trained and certified (World Network of Doulas) as a birth doula, newborn specialist, Birthing From Within, childbirth educator, and reiki practitioner. Emotionally, I connect to my clients and their entire team (family, providers, nursing staff) on a level that provides comfort (even in unexpected situations) although,  (I encourage you not to expect a particular outcome). I am respectful, professional and non- judgmental of the care givers you have chosen, the decisions you have made to custom fit your needs and desires, and of your space. I will help you create and protect your birthing space.  I approach each journey with the belief that your birth experience will empower you as a mom, and as a woman. Most importantly to me, I get what transitioning between a woman and a mother is all about.  I am a mom too. (click here

laura birth

This strong, courageous Momma is taking her journey to meet her Sweet London

The biggest and most common compliment I receive from the families I support is that I AM  “the” calm, Also, I have many repeat cients, which is the best compliment of all. The biggest compliment from my favorite OBGYNs and Midwives, are the personal referrals they give to their patients suggesting me as labor support. I also come with the research found below.

By using a doula women are: (click statistics for a complete systematic Cochrane review)

You can find me attending births in any hospital from Boca to Miami, at your home, or in a birthing center.

I am an aspiring future midwife. After 6 years of supporting births I just came to realize this in 2015, and have attended a handful of births as the midwife assistant. (This also required a specific “training”) .

Greta Lucille Birth

You can also find me mentoring a childbirth preparation series that really allows you to deeper connect to yourself, your partner and your baby.


I am on call nearly 365 days a year. You may be wondering why I dedicate such time to supporting women in childbirth. The reason is simple. I belong here. It is my calling. The energy and light I experience being next to a woman as she brings her baby to earth expands my heart. I often hear the words “I couldn’t have done it without you” and for many years my immediate response was ” you had everything you needed inside of you” , which I wholeheartedly believe. Now, I say “Thank you for trusting me to be a part of your journey”. I believe you, there is something about the me on your team that takes you to the end with more confidence and acceptance. I couldn’t ask for a better way to serve my purpose in this world! I want to be part of bringing women together in spirit. Birth in the Modern World is not the birth of our ancestors. I want to be part in bridging the difference in a non medicinal way. Closing the gap between what you know about birth and what you want to know about birth and yourself.

World Doula Week

Did you have a doula present at your birth? How was her presence beneficial to you and your partner/family? Please share your experience in the comment section.


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